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The program is a weekly variety Show called "Generation Show" by the
ShenZhen TV station. The shows have guests from the 1960,70',80',90 and
2000' era. There are competitions, musical performances, fashion show, talk
show along with images and objects. The one with Kenneth Tsang talking
about Yung was aired on the 28th June 2014.

The man sitting with white hair is Kenneth Tsang. He is an actor. He was
casted as Wong Rong's father in LOCH. The following is what he said in the
In 1983, I was forty-five years old while Yung was about twenty. I played
the role of her father in LOCH. TVB had finalised among thousands
three possible persons to play the role of Wong Rong and I was the one to
audition the three.
Yung was from England and a foreigner to me. I recommended her and finally
TVB did pick her to play the role of Wong Rong. Wong Rong is a girl with
clever personality and there is no way she would listen to what her father
had told her on things not to do.
There were so many Wong Rong characters over the years but I have to say
had remained the best.
End quote.

(thanks to eblc2006 for this translation)

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The recording of this show can be seen at:






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