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2013 classical legends

This video can also be seen at: http://www.56.com/u75/v_OTAwNDg2MTY.html or at



After 9 minutes and 50 seconds the program shows some of my pictures. This is what is said at that point:

"Yung Mei Ling received a letter from a friend. This friend asks her if she was interested in coming to Hong Kong to participate the pageant competition. This would mean that she had to leave England, stop her studies and leave her parents. Subsequently Yung Mei Ling made up her mind to leave England. It was place of sorrow for her after the break up with an handsome chap from Holland. She was determined to leave England because this place brings her nothing but sorrow."

(Thanks to Magdalyn for the translation.)

Personal note: the makers of this program have been very "creative" by their interpretation of the facts about Barbara leaving England.


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