Conservative-minded. Against cohabitation

[Interview with Yawang]

In this interview, she discusses how the two words "sexy" and "revealing" mean the same thing. From the perspective of Yung Mei Ling, the two different adjectives 'sexy' and 'revealing' mean the same thing.

She said, "The people involved would say that it's sexy to be topless in a bed scene, but the audience would see it as revealing, or use the word 'stripped'.

At that time, the journalist asked Yung Mei Ling what did she think and feel about the bed scene between Kent Tong and Red Nun in "Peeping Tom"?

After thinking for a while, she said, "I'm not his girlfriend, but from a purely audience point of view, I think he should not do such scenes because he will be stereotyped if he does too many of them, and his future career will be narrowed."

She insists that artists should cherish themselves.

There was a time when there was a news that Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong were living together... It is normal for a man to be in love with a woman, not to mention the fact that they are both unmarried, and given the current social climate, it is not unusual for them to live together. If the rumours were true, there would be no need for Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong to deny it!  However, in an interview with her, the first thing she said was that she had already denied the rumours.

"How could I be such a person, can you believe it?" Yung Mei Ling asked in an agitated voice.

No wonder, the question of innocence.
"Living together is not a bad thing, as long as you're in love with each other."

"I would never do such a thing. If you want to live together, why not get married? It's not a nice thing to do after all, and it's a disgrace to your reputation!"

"You seem to be very conservative in your thinking! Although she had been educated in England, she was not westernized in her thinking.

"Maybe I'm the only daughter in the family, so I think it's more important for me to keep myself clean. I don't want to ruin my reputation, but I don't want to affect the reputation of my family."

"Does Kent agree with cohabitation?"

"I don't know! But it's not surprising that a boy would think that way. It's always the girl's fault!" She said with a smile.

"Has he ever talked to you about it?"

"He wouldn't. He knows I wouldn't do it."

"But people say they see you in and out of his house all the time?"

"They are too sensitive. I admit to staying at his house until six o'clock, but it's always the guys who open the table at his house and play mahjong until all night.  He would send me home after playing mahjong until all night. I admit to staying at home until six o'clock. This is a big misunderstanding!"

"Since this has happened, will you avoid suspicion and not visit his home in future?"

"I have already clarified this to the public, so it is up to them whether they believe me or not. Besides, I don't go to his house very often. I only use his house to play mahjong with my friends."

"How has your relationship developed recently?

"When he's not angry with me, it's not bad! Yung Mei Ling's tone was cold.

"Why? Hasn't Kent always been good to you?

"A year ago, I don't want to talk about it!"

It was clear that there was something wrong between her and Kent.

"You're not happy with him?"

"No, I never said I wasn't. When two people get together, there are a lot of problems. Maybe I'm asking too much! But I think it's the right thing to do."

She still hasn't got to the root of the problem! But from her brief remarks, it seems that her grievances against him are the usual complaints that girls have about their boyfriends - they are not as considerate and loving as they used to be!

"Isn't Kent a very caring man?"

"Don't you think so?" she asks again!

I remember talking with her about Kent earlier and she was all smiles when she mentioned him. He seemed to love his girlfriend from the bottom of his heart, but why did she complain about him?

"He's so superficial that people say I'm mean and I bully him a lot!" Her tone was still cold.

"I don't think so!."

This is true, perhaps because Yung Mei Ling is relatively small. Perhaps because of her small stature, she was perceived to be in need of protection

"He always says I'm mean and I'm always angry, but he doesn't understand that he has a problem. If he is not angry with me, how can I be angry? I'm not asking too much. A girl wants her boyfriend to treat her well, not just in front of people or just for a certain period of time, but really well. He was really nice to me a year ago, but now he's got nothing," With a sigh Weng Meiling continued. "I'm a very romantic person, and I definitely want my boyfriend to treat me well and be considerate of me. I think that's what every girl should be able to get before she's married. If you don't even have the right to ask for that before marriage, what else can you expect afterwards?" Weng Meiling sighed again.

"Have you talked to him about this? Maybe there's a way out?"

"I did, but so what? He's like that."

"Do you think this problem will affect your relationship?"

"To be honest, it does, sometimes I'm really upset," said Yung Mei Ling, breathlessly.

Since her rise to fame, many people are not convinced of her relationship with Kent Tong, and some even say that she will dump him sooner or later, because she is now a different person. How can she have a boyfriend who has a lesser career than her?

"I don't understand why people always say that," sighed Yung Mei Ling.

"But in all honesty, do you want to stay in the relationship because people don't see you in a good light?"

"I don't know!" says Yung Mei Ling after a moment's hesitation.

 It was clear that she was getting confused about the relationship, although she didn't say anything positive.

"Do you still have faith in this relationship?"

"I'm confident, but I don't know what's going to happen in the future. I'm actually a very nostalgic person, he was very good to me and took care of me, and I'm very grateful to him, so I'm not going to change my feelings easily."

"Just for old times' sake, to be grateful to him, but not to push yourself too much?"

"Of course I have feelings for him too!"

"not love?"

"Feelings and love are often confused," said Yung Mei Ling, speaking up.

"Do you think he'll change for you?

"I hope so, if he really loves me he can change, I hope so!

It's not too much to say that the relationship was being tested, and for a girl, she didn't want to suffer any setbacks on the road to love, so Yung Mei Ling tried to preserve the relationship.









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