The filming night scenes for the TV-serie the Rough Ride near Oberlin College. It is a former Hong Kong private high school, founded in 1972, closed in 1986. The filming period is probably between december 11th and 13th. The pictures were probably taken by a journalist who was covering the story of Barbara being robbed.

Cuihua English College (English: Oberlin College) was founded in 1972 by President Zheng Mingtao, Superintendent Du Shuwan, President Feng Jiayi, President Hu Yongkun, President Wu Zhiji, and General Manager Chen Chao who discussed and established the school in a conference room in the Wanchai Lingliang Church. The school opened a total of 5 branches, and the school was closed in 1986 due to changes in education policies in Hong Kong.

萃華英文書院”招牌。拍摄时间大概是1984.12.11到13日,这应该是阿翁遇劫之后拍摄的照片,是外景街景戏。猜测因为阿翁遇劫引来记者拍照的。。。。。谢谢湛山子提供: 萃華英文書院(英語:Oberlin College;1972年~1986年)是一所昔日香港私立中學,1972年創校,於1986年停辦

1972年,鄭明韜校長、杜淑婉校監、馮家彝校長、胡永坤校長、吳植基校長,以及陳朝任總務長在灣仔靈糧堂內會議室商議創辦。 [3] 學校一共開設5所分校,其後因香港教育政策轉變,學校於1986年停辦

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