The park with the red bridge and the traditional buildings was a common filming location for TVB. The park has been demolished for the expansion of Ocean Park by the former owner the Jockey Club Hong Kong. There was an ancient village in Ocean Park but it closed down in 2007, there were some copies of historic buildings that look like the ones used in the TV-series.

Pictures below show scenes shot at Ocean Park (estimated before the broadcast May 1984). The filming was on the same day. Yung Mei Ling changed three sets of clothes (yellow dress, pink dress, and blue dot dress). Micheal Miu changed two sets of clothes, and other actors also participated in the filming.





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3 years ago
United We Stand, I enjoyed watching this show so much. It was light and funny, and Barbara acted so well. She was so beautiful in the show, both as a high class princess-like girl and as a grumpy bossy village girl.
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