ChingChungKoon 07

Weng Meiling's shooting and the Thirteen Sisters appearance scenes were both filmed at Ching Chung Koon. The maid costume and the flag costume of The Thirteen Sisters were filmed on the same day, both at Ching Chung Koon.

Ching Chung Koon is located in Qilin Wai, Castle Peak, Tuen Mun, Kowloon West, Hong Kong. Founded in 1949 by Lu Yinfang and others, it belongs to the Quanzhen Dragon Sect, a Taoist sect that traces its origins to Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, to Po Tai. The temple was first built in Wai Ching Street, Kowloon, then moved to Nathan Road in 1952, and a new temple was built in 1960 in Castle Peak Kirin Wai, Tuen Mun.

This video was recorded at Ching Chung Koon in 1980


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