Weng Meiling and Andy Lau City filmed for the Metropolitan weekly at Taikoo city Cityplaza skating ring on December 17 1983.


Cityplaza ice skating ring02 

Cityplaza was completed in 1982. As there was no MTR connection yet, double decker buses were used as a free shuttle service when the Island Eastern Corridor expressway was finished in 1984.

There are six storeys and many locations having changed. It included an office tower called Mount Parker House which has since been demolished and replaced with the East hotel.

There used to be a Bank with space for car parking till 1987 when a big renovation converted this area into retail stores.

In the  the cityplaza is also the Four seas bowling alley - where Barbara Yung hosted the 1984 yearly governor bowling tournament.


Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4601612066368544




香港島東區鰂魚涌太古城 共分四期。

假太古城中心四海保龄球场 — 翁美玲在那里主持过83至84年度总督保龄球大赛


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