The Clearwater Bay site at Clearwater Bay Road and Ngan Ying Road is the former home of Shaw Studio (built 1960–1961), as well as the vacated TVB headquarters and studios (1986–2003, since relocated to TVB City) and Celestial Pictures.There are also apartment blocks used to house Shaw actors. The newer Shaw House and Shaw Villa are there. The site has been vacant since 2003,and has been targeted for redevelopment several times since 2006.In 2015, Hong Kong's Antiquities Advisory Board declared the entire studio complex a site of cultural significance, and subsequent redevelopment plans have included measures to restore and preserve the existing structures.

A new Shaw Studios (note the plural s) has been built at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, and was opened in stages between 2006 and 2008.


Here are some photos taken at the clear water bay studio with Yung Meiling.

October 17, 1984, Yung Meiling, Liu Dehua, Huang Rihua and others performed in celebration of the Taiqing Festival.


March 1985, Jade Butterfly's blue dress was worn by the maid of Qin II.




On April 1, 1985, Yung Meiling, Chen Yulian, Shi Xiu and others participated in the worship ceremony of the TV-serie The battlefield (楚河汉界)



From May 7 to 9, 1985, Yung Meiling filmed her autobiography. 



After 1985, Jiancheng film set gradually withdrawn...... Clearwater Bay site, the earliest Shaw's studio, began filming in the 1950s. On May 10th, 1985, aongatang, Shao Yifu and others held the founding ceremony of the new factory and worshipped the God of the king of the bridge. In 1988, wireless moved to Qingshui Bay from radio channel, and moved in 2003. Since then, the Clearwater Bay site has become a ghost city.


找到一些阿翁在清水湾片场拍摄的照片和视频。1984.10.17之前,阿翁刘德华黄日华等人贺台庆众星演奏。玉蝶儿的蓝衣服被秦二世的宫女穿了。1985.5.7至9日,阿翁拍摄自传。1985.4.1,阿翁陈玉莲石修等人参加《楚河汉界》拜神仪式,阿翁背后的古装背景贯穿了整个剧的厂景,完全贴合的没找到。楚留香应该很多戏份也是在清水湾片场拍摄的 报纸报道原本楚留香想在清水湾拍摄,后面好像是没建好就作罢。1985年后坚成片场应该就慢慢退出了。。。。。。清水湾电视城,最早是邵氏片场,50年代就开始拍戏,1985.5.10白衣白裤阿翁阿汤和邵逸夫等人在此举行过新厂成立仪式和《桥王之王》拜神,88年无线从广播道搬迁到清水湾,2003年搬迁,以后清水湾电视城成了鬼城,曾经有人去探险去探险拍摄了大量照片。


Articles about visits of the abandoned Clearwater Bay TV-studios.

English version with lots of pictures

Chinese version with less pictures

Some people went to explore the Qingshuiwan studio. When Yung Meiling just died, rumors of haunting were heard in the dressing room. Since the second half of 1984, "Legend of Chu Liuxiang bat", "Chu River Han kingdom", "king of bridge king" and so on have been filmed here, leaving a lot of footprints of Yung Meiling

Photographer Zhang Yifang has explored the abandoned TVB TV city for 16 years, its dilapidated factories, scattered pornographic cartoons, old movie posters, rabbit dolls used as advertising props A lot of leftovers, like shuttles, brought him back to TVB's golden age. Abandoned TVB TV City: Ghost, rotten film and yesterday's Hong Kong.

TVB清水灣電視城[微风]//@潇湘翠竹2013:去年也有人去探险清水湾片场,阿翁刚去世的时候,就在化妆间传出闹鬼传闻。从1984下半年开始,《楚留香之蝙蝠传奇》,《楚河汉界》,《桥王之王》等等都在这里拍摄,留下阿翁的很多足迹。 查看图片
@看客inSight: 【废弃的TVB电视城:猛鬼、烂片与昨日香港】摄影师张一方探秘了废弃16年的TVB电视城,破败的厂房、散落的色情漫画、旧电影海报、用作广告道具的兔子玩偶……大量的遗留物品如同穿梭机,将他带回了TVB的黄金时代。 废弃的TVB电视城:猛鬼、烂片与昨日香港






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