On the evening of February 3, 1983, Barbara accidentally injured her eye during filming a martial arts action. She was taken to the Baptist Hospital for two weeks of rest till the morning of May 15, 1983.

1983 February 3 - 20: Eye injury during shooting Legend of the Condor Heroes

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Barbara accidentally wounded Michael Miu's eye while filming a rival scene on the set of Jiancheng. Michael Miu was rushed to the Baptist Hospital for medical treatment. The two people were injured in the same location and treated the same way. They were admitted to the same hospital. They slept with the same style of broken yellow hospital pillowcases and bed sheets.


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1983 May 15: Yung Mei Ling injured Michael Miu's eye.

February 1985, some scenes of the TV-serie The rough ride were also shot at this hospital.

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 On the 14th of May 1985 at around 8 am  Barbara was found unconscious in her apartment. She was rushed to the Baptist hospital and certified dead there later that day.

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