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On September 12, 1983, Barbara was interviewed by a reporter in the dressing room of the TVB building: Barbara explained the rumors of dating Shen Jinling's fiance Huang Liwei. Barbara also called her mother to explain it, and also mentioned the matter to Kent. Probably after the reporter's interview with Barbara in black and purple clothes on 12 september she went out to Discovery Bay with Cheng Shaoqiu and others. Barbara wears a straw hat). Also Barbara in white walks along the beach with Zheng Shaoqiu at night. Barbara took a series of photos at the beach during the 13th september, and then took the boat back to the TVB building with the crew and take some photo's with Kent.

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Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4541010325802549


More information about Discovery Bay can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_Bay


1983.9.12,阿翁在无线分厂化妆间被记者访问: 阿翁说明了与沈金玲未婚夫黄礼维拍拖的传闻,阿翁还打电话向母亲解释,也和阿汤提及此事。。。推测9.12黑紫色衣服阿翁被记者访问以后,就和郑少秋等人出外景到愉景湾,先在油麻地小轮拍戏,然后在愉景湾拍摄郑少秋海边被水淹、两人看别人拍戏(阿翁戴草帽)、晚上白衣阿翁在海边和郑少秋漫步等等戏份。。。后面纯属瞎猜没多大证据,9.12晚上剧组在愉景湾休息了一晚,9.13白天阿翁在海边拍摄了系列照片(白衣黑裤白鞋黑腰带和12号晚上的戏份装扮都是符合的),然后和剧组乘船返回无线分厂,和阿汤合影。


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