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Tong Chun Yip and Deborah Moor publicly admit their relationship
Deborah Moore’s says that they are being in love

Deborah and Kent are in love for a while. Now, they agreed to take a photo together and admitted they are a pair. Yesterday, Deborah explained that they fell in love a half year ago. At that time their relationship was still unstable so they did not want to disclose it to the public. She deeply believed that Tong Chun Yip is single-minded.

Deborah expressed that she has a good impression to Tong Chun Yip. If she is getting married to Kent, it must be Gods Plan. Deborah will have a chance to have a film with Kent. Deborah emphasised that luckily they just have few scenes together . If they both acted as lovers, she would be embarrassed as their relationship has been disclosed. If they need to perform intimacy, it must be a laughing stock. If that is in case, she would rather not act as the main female character.


Newspaper Name: 工商日報
Date: 1981年12月24日

(thanks to Kitty for sending met and partly translating this article)

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