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This article is not related to Barbara but gives some background information about Kent

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Kent is happy with "Deborah Moore".

When the journalist asked Tong Chun Yip about his impressions of Deborah Moore, he did not answer the question directly.  He just expressed that she has a sweet smile.  With regards to her birthday party, he emphasized that this was a group party and he had bought her a birthday gift i.e. 10 lb weight’s birthday cake which is HKD30 per lb.

In the past, he was with King Toi Yam Flora.  However, now he is seen with Deborah Moore.  The journalist had asked him who was most right for him.  He responded quickly and said that he does not want to compare.

He said that he is not eager to get married.  He will consider this when he is at 28 years old.  His ideal girlfriend is graceful and gentle.  If he gets married, his wife will stay at home and to cook for him.  It seems that his male chauvinism is quite strong.

Note: Flora and Kent were classmates in 8th artist class (Year 1979)


Newspaper Name: 華僑日報
Date: 1982年10月5日

(thanks to Kitty for sending me and partly translating this article)

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