Blind punch kills the master Weng Meiling love casino two proud

An interview with The Sandwich People.
“Good fortune”, I believe this sentence is to describe men or women as appropriate. Ever since the shooting of “The Eagle-Fighting Heroes”, the popularity of Weng Meiling has also jumped by several times, especially for companies. Reuse again, in another new play, also appeared as the first actress.

        In addition to the accident in his career, Weng Meiling is also very envious of love. He has been in contact with Tang Zhenye for more than half a year. His feelings have been developing smoothly. In fact, Tang Zhenye has not done anything to disappoint her.

        "What phase of your development?"

        "It's not the same."

        "A Tang is not a romantic person. What amusement are you going to make?"

        "We both are realistic ghosts. There is nothing romantic about it. It's nothing more than shopping, watching movies, and playing mahjong."

        "Playing a sparrow is also considered one of the dramas?"

        "Two people have been together for a long time. It is better to have some other friends adjust them. It's not a good thing to shut them up. It's also best to play mahjong!"

        "Spiritually, the casino should be disappointed?"

        "Who said it, I won every time I played, and I was scared by those sparrows!"

        "Look, you don't look like a quelin expert?"

        "I'm not really a master of sparrows, it's just blind killing the master teacher!" Weng Meiling proudly said.

        "Have you ever played Sparrow in the UK before?"

        "No, before returning to Hong Kong, perhaps I should say that I did not know how to play mahjong before I was in the TV circle. However, since I was able to understand it, I thought this was good!"

        "Is it Atang teaching you?"

        "Sometimes! In fact, it's not very difficult to learn to play sparrows! If you look at others who are much bigger, you'll be."

        "Atang likes to play sparrows too?"

        "Not yet. Occasionally, it will be fun. He will not be too obsessed. In fact, there is no time."

        "Do you think you are lucky? It seems that everything is in your favor."

        "A lot of people are asking me this way. Fortunately, it is indeed."

        "Is there a psychological burden?"

        "Of course there is! But only do your best! Hope to do your best, and hope that luck never leaves me."

        Who doesn't want to be with God forever, but not everyone is so happy, in fact, Weng Meiling also won the favor of heaven! I hope she can cherish everything she has now.

盲拳打死老师傅 翁美玲情场赌场两得意
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​​​ “走运一条龙”,相信这句话要来形容男或女都是恰当的,自从拍摄过《射雕英雄传》后,翁美玲的知名度也相对跳升数十倍,尤其是获得公司再度重用,在另一个新剧中,也以第一女主角身份出现。

























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