Weng Meiling is ashamed to talk about kissing, and everyone is grateful.

09.10 14:59
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Ta Kung Pao 1984.1.1 reported, reporter: Mai Xing


        Since the performance of Huang Rong's corner, Weng Meiling has performed several episodes in one breath. The one that has not been completed for a long time is a collection of fashion films.

        The actor of "Sandwich Man" is Zheng Shaoqiu. In the play, he presses down the top. He lives in the middle layer and becomes a sandwich.

        Wireless publicity of the film's title, there is a very alert tone, saying that he is above (supervisor, boss) looking for him to vent, the following (his position as a member of the management) and do not live up to expectations, as a result, he only has his own gas.

        Zheng Shaoqiu is the leading actor. Weng Meiling is one of the leading actresses. In the play, Zheng Shaoqiu and her have many kissing shots. Zheng Shaoqiu used this kind of drama, and there are movies. It’s natural to do tricks, not the same thing. Weng Meiling used to play costumes. There is no such thing in the play. She is the first officially to perform a fashion show. It is also the first time she has kissed people in the play, which is hard to beat her.

        At the time of shooting, there are many people outside the actor. In the eyes of the public, it is really embarrassing to have a girl who has never tried to give a kiss. But the plot is necessary, she is inevitably more After the second NG, the task was finally completed.

        Asked her: "Don't you have a kiss with your boyfriend, what is embarrassing."

        She did not admit it, nor did she deny it. She just said, "How is it the same? It is a matter of two people. It is so many people watching the filming. It will be broadcast to the audience in the future. How is it the same?"

        She also makes sense, and I believe that many female artists have passed this level.

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09.10 14:59
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