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Picture: Lau Tin Chi are talking about the sexy clothes photos of Yung Mei Ling

“It was by accident”, Yung Mei Ling resolved the dispute over her sexy clothes photos.  TVB forgave her and hopes that the public does not keep upsetting her anymore about this.  Lau Tin Chi emphasised that TVB does not allow artists to record their own a video.

Newspaper Name:  工商日報

Date: 1984年3月23日

Lau Tin Chi of the TVB Production Director talked yesterday about the sexy clothes photos of Yung Mei Ling.

Lau Tin Chi said that this case (“the sexy clothes photos of Yung Mei Ling”) is resolved as she has explained it. Also, TVB believed that these photos were taken accidently and published on purpose.  So, TVB forgave her.

Lau Tin Chi emphasised that for TVB it is hard to control artists taking photos and TVB cannot restrict artist to do something.  TVB only hopes that they are self-disciplined.  Besides, as a lady, it could have a huge bad influence on her reputation.  For TVB it just has a minor influence in the end.  Moreover, TV programmes can influence audiences in an important way, so the public image of artists are very important.

Lau Tin Chi says: “TVB has  requested Yung Mei Ling to solve this problem.  Hopefully that magazine will not publish these sexy clothes of Yung Mei Ling.  It is meaningless to keep referring to this.”


Picture: Lau Tin Chi are talking about the sexy clothes photos of Yung Mei Ling

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

(Just the part which is related to Yung Mei Ling is translated, the part that is related to Cecilia Wong Hang Sau and Natalis Chan Pak Cheung is not translated.)

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