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Yung Mei Ling was fat but now she is a skinny girl because of work pressure.

Newspaper Name:  工商晚報

Date: 1984年5月4日

Because Yung Mei Ling (Ah Yung) is always filming, she looks thinner than before.  Now, Ah Yung doesn’t look like the same person compared with when she took part in Miss. Hong Kong pageant. 

She says: “In the past, I was so-called chubby girl. Now, they call me skinny girl!”

As she is always very hard-working, Ah Yung becomes thinner.  However, she is not worried about her health.  Instead, she just worried about her body shape if she continues losing her weight. 

She says: “My friends also reckon my weight loss is severed and that my body shape doesn’t look like a female.  I also get anxious so I try to gain weight now.”

Some guys like thin women, however, Ah Yung is too skinny.

Tong Chun Yip must be distressed about her weight-loss.  However, work is important so he is not able to request that Ah Yung should stop working.

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

19840504 TheKungSheungEveningNews Article02

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