Newspaper Name:  工商晚報

Date: 1984年10月30日

Since Tong Chun Yip and Yung Mei Ling have been together, Yung Mei Ling has become more famous than Tong Chun Yip.  

Tong Chun Yip is a male chauvinists.  It is believed that he is under pressure now.  More than that, he may have a sense of inferiority.  However he denies it.  He says he is now willing to face reality although it made him upset before.  The fact that Yung Mei Ling is more famous than Tong Chun Yip but there is no big difference between Yung Mei Ling and Tong Chun Yip in the view of their fame. Besides, they still need to carry on with their work so we cannot decide who is the final winner. 

Tong Chun Yip said: “Everyone says she earns more money than me.  This is not true. I worked by TVB for a long time so my salary is more than hers.   Besides, I can take part in movies.  Although she has gone on stage, her income is limited.  Moreover, she cannot go on stage frequently.  The next show will be held after the next half year.  Otherwise, no one will attend her show.  Under this situation, how can she earn more money than me?

Of course, Tong Chun Yip doesn’t mind if people put them as comparison.  He just gets used to it now.  But, he finds it hard to bear this invisible pressure.  So, he poured out his grievances to this journalist in order to release his stress. 

(thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)


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