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Barbara was a serious and disciplined student. She worked hard. She must have had talent or else they wouldn't have accepted her at the Central school of Art in London. I was always amazed by the drawings Barbara made. In 1983 I was in London visiting her school. There I asked her old teacher if Barbara was a talented student. She said that Barbara was very good in mastering the techniques but she was not very creative, that was the reason that she didn't get a high score for her degree. Therefore I don't think she could have made a career in art.

Barbara是那种对待学业很认真,也很自律的学生。她很用功。她一定是有天赋的,否则伦敦中央艺术学院也不会录取她。 我总是惊异她的画作之优秀。1983年我去伦敦拜访她的学校。当我问她昔日的老师她是否是个有才华的学生时,她说Barbara在技巧上非常优秀,但是她并不是很有创意,因此她没能得到高分。因此我想她可能是不会以画画作为职业的吧。

(thanks to Natalie for the translation)

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