At Christmas 2009 I was surfing on the internet, looking what was published about me. It surprised how much there was. I wondered how much there is about someone from before the internet period. Obviously Barbara was the first person I thought off. I knew already in 1985 that Barbara had died, I didn't know what caused her death and I didn't know what she had done after 1981.

Wow! I couldn't believe what I saw. When I read the article in Wikipedia I knew, this was Barbara! I started reading the articles and the websites of the fans. I noticed there was nothing at all about our relation. I wrote a few mails to a few websites saying that I still have some memories and pictures. There came no reaction. I noticed that recently very few new items were published about Barbara and some websites didn't even exist anymore. I guessed after so many years Barbara was forgotten.

On New Year's Day I went to visit my parents, my brothers were there as well. Together we came with the idea to make a YouTube video and then see what happens. We had a great time that day recalling memories. My father found loads of pictures (he even kept the negatives). We called the video "a love story nobody knew" as it seems that nobody was interested in our relation. Later I found out that Barbara did talk about our relation in HK but the reporters were more interested in her life in HK and her relation with Kent.

After I published the YouTube video, the fan club I had mailed contacted me. The problem was that my mail was in English, they first had to find someone to translate that into Chinese, and therefore it took so long.


哇, 我都不敢相信自己看到了什么。当我读到Wikipedia上的一篇文章,那时关于Barbara的。我开始在网上读影迷的文章及他们的网站。我留意到网上没有任何有关我们关系的文字。我给一些网站写信说我有一些回忆和照片。但是没有回音。我注意到近期不再有新的消息发表,一些网站甚至不再存在。我猜想这么多年过去了,Barbara已被遗忘了。

新年我去看父母。我的哥哥们也在。我们决定做一个视频放在You Tube上看看反映如何。我们在一起回忆过往,度过了愉快的一天。我父亲找到许多照片(他甚至还保留着底片)。我们把视频命名为"无人知道的爱情故事",因为看来没有人会对我们的那段关系感兴趣。后来我发现Barbara在香港其实谈起过我们的关系,但是记者们对她的香港生活及与Kent汤的关系更感兴趣。

(thanks to Natalie for the translation)

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