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(A tomboy is a girl who exhibits some characteristics of a boy.)

My second daughter is like that. Sometimes I wonder if she is a girl. If I compare Barbara with my daughter I see lot of similarities. For example they both don't like make up, they get on with better with boys than with girls, they don't like typical girly things like, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty, they are good at sports, they are open for new things and like adventure. The difference is that Barbara knew she was pretty and used that well in the way she dressed and she knew how to make an appearance (Barbara wore dresses often, my daughter hates dresses or skirts). I think that Barbara enjoyed the most to be a tomboy, but she also knew how to act like a lady.


我的二女儿就是那样的。有时我都怀疑她是不是个女孩子。如果我拿她和Barbara比较的话,我可以找到很多共同之处。 比如她们都不喜欢化妆;比起和女孩子相处,她们和男孩相处得更好;她们不喜欢女孩子气的事情;她们不介意把手弄脏;她们都擅长体育;喜欢新鲜事物和冒险。不同的是Barbara知道自己的漂亮,她会把自己打扮得恰到好处 (Barbara经常穿裙子,我女儿讨厌穿裙子。) 所以我认为Barbara是个假小子,但她也知道如何做一个理想的(女孩子样儿的)女儿。

(thanks to Natalie for the translation)

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11 years ago
She doesn't look like tomboy. Since you are saying then she might be. And about the makeup, most of her pictures have very lil makeup. Thanks for sharing.
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12 years ago
Barbara Yung Mei Ling to HK Showbiz is like Julia Robert to Hollywood.

That big laugh with wits. Very cheeky but sweet.
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13 years ago
agree,,,,only your friends will know you best!!
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13 years ago
She's a definitely a tomboy. Rob spent time with her, so he would know her better than you. She definitely seems like a tomboy. lol
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