So far I know Barbara wasn't discriminated by the English. But she was by many Chinese. A lot of Chinese didn't want this pretty girl being 'wasted' on a foreign guy. We often went to China Town in London. Normally Barbara would talk English in a Chinese restaurant there. Sometimes she would suddenly start talking Chinese. That was her way of letting people in the restaurant know: 'I can understand Chinese and I heard the terrible things you are saying about me'. One time she suddenly stood up and walked out the restaurant. Outside she said to me that the waiters were making very insulting comments about her.

就我所知, Barbara没有被英国人歧视过,反而被不少中国人歧视过。许多中国人不希望看到这个漂亮的女孩和一个外国男子在一起被 "浪费"了。通常在中餐馆里Barbara讲英文。有时她会突然开始讲中文。她那样做是为了让餐馆里的人知道,"我能听懂中文,我听到了你们说的恶毒的话。"有一次她突然站起来走了出来。在外面她告诉我那些侍应生讲了她一些非常侮辱性的话。

(thanks to Natalie for the translation)

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