Barbara was the only reason why I stayed in England. Now Barbara had gone out of my life I immediately started to build up a social life in Holland. I joined a volleyball and athletic club and my oldest brother introduced me into the student life. Within no time I had build up my own social network in Holland. When I was back at college in Norwich, I continued the life I was leading before we broke up. The Friday night that always was reserved for Barbara was soon taken over by other activities. Barbara was right, I enjoyed my life at college and she didn't have to be there for me to do so.

At first I expected that Barbara would get in touch with me, but she never did. She also had no contact with our friends in Cambridge. She had disappeared from my life. After a while I accepted that and assumed that she had found her peace and that she was much happier now. Having my busy life in a setting where Barbara never was part off, made it easier for me to accept this and to get on with my life. I am a very positive person, I always try to see the best side of things, no matter what happens. The thought that Barbara had her peace now was enough for me to accept that our relation had ended. Like some people say, just pick up the pieces and start again.

The most difficult period for me was during the summer holiday. My parents were married 25 years. As a present my brothers and I rented a house in the middle of France for two weeks, so that we all could have a family holiday together. This was painful, just me alone while my brothers were there with their girlfriends. Barbara should have been there, we would have had a fantastic time. It was just what she wanted, being part of a close family, spending a holiday together.

After this I went on my own for a three week holiday to Greece. There I teamed up with some Greeks. They showed me what the real Greek life is like. It was a wonderful holiday. Those Greeks treated me as if I was part of their families. They invited me to all kinds of places and family happenings.

After the summer holiday I went back to Norwich to start my final year and picked my student life again and still no news or signs from Barbara.





对我来说最难过的是度假的日子。那年我的父母结婚25周年,作为礼物我的哥哥们和我在法国中部租了一个房子,为期两周。 我们全家可以一起去度假。我的哥哥们都和女朋友们在一起,而Barbara不在那儿。对我来说那是最痛苦的时候。Barbara如果在那的话,我们一定可以渡过完美的时光。和亲近的家人一起度假,这正是Barbara期望的假日。之后我独自去了希腊3周。在那里我遇到一些希腊朋友,经由他们,我体会了真正的希腊生活。那是个美好的假期。那些希腊朋友把我当作他们家人一样,邀请我参加了家庭聚会和不同地方。


(thanks to Natalie for the translation)





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