Dearest Uncle Tong & Mother,

I received your letter & acknowledge that I'll soon be hearing about the procedures becoming a naturalized British citizen, but I have not had any news in HK so I could only wait. I think it'd only be in a matter of months so please don't worry about it. I also share the wish that we could all be together again as soon as possible.

I learnt from your letter that the national affairs in England are not looking good, but I am relieved to hear that it has not affected the economy. It is, however, a problem that there's difficulty in finding labor. I've heard that even Mother has to work in the kitchen. I am very worried that it may be more than what she could put up with & I do understand that Mother's reason is to earn a living, but I do hope that you could look after & not overwork yourself. Uncle [maternal] & I keep thinking of & worrying about you over here!

Never mind England, I can't even bear to mention HK. Many goods value have skyrocketed, which really brings out the brutish nature in man. I believe that you must have read about this in the papers. Even the price of toilet tissue is currently $1.50 per roll. Rice, fuel, fish & vegetables are even more ungovernable, so every business is having their headaches. Because income can't cover outlay, it's making life impossible for the people, causing a two-month slack period for Uncle. In short, the so-called civilized, flourished & advanced society that we live in is only constructed on the false faces & distressed livelihood of the people!

Uncle Tong, I believe that you must be even more stressed out at work, but do remember that you should always put your health first. We initially wanted to record our messages, but both Uncle & I are afraid of audio recordings, therefore we could only express our heartfelt wishes & to send our regards on pen & paper. As the saying goes, "although all family correspondences are the same, they are better than nothing." Things have stayed the same here, so please do not worry about us.

I wish you all good health & happiness.

Your Loving Daughter, Barbara
24th February 1974

(translator unknown)










祝生活愉快 身體健康!                                                                                                                 


女兒 囡囡上






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3 years ago
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13 years ago
I still cannot accept she was not here anymore. Love her
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