Dearest Uncle Tong & Mother,

I was thrilled to receive Mother's phone call last night. We have been worried sick & thinking of you on hearing that you're ill, especially since we are so far apart so I am unable to nurse & comfort you. Mother's concern for us is not helping the recovery either. All we could do is to write & send our blessings to you more often. Also, you shouldn't think too much & get yourself all worked up. I believe that it's nothing serious because as the saying goes: "anxiety breeds ill health." If only you could let go of your thoughts & take plenty of rest you'd soon recover. Because of God's love, he'll always be there for us & we will be praying for your health & happiness as always.

Uncle [maternal] says that if you still haven't heard from the immigration office, you could obtain medical proof on your condition, then ask your solicitor to write them a letter explaining that you're in poor health so you hope that your daughter could sooner arrive by your side to nurse you. We believe that it'd help speed up the process, therefore you needn't come to HK, especially when you need plenty of rest, which is by far better than worrying & uncomfortable flight journeys. In addition, I definitely want to see Mother as soon as possible!

In short, you should not get upset, & you must be careful & calm in all situations. Should anything happen to you, Mother, we'd be very upset, especially Uncle [maternal] who'd be even more worried. Therefore, you need to look after your health!

I wish you all good health & happiness.

Your Loving Daughter, Barbara
27th March 1974



(translator unknown)









祝生活愉快 身體健康!                                                                                                                 


女兒 囡囡上




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love her always. Thank you for letting me know this.
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