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[Apple] 1985 year newspaper reports of suicide, Kent kissed corpse goodbye

May 14, 1985 , is a sad day for many TV fans , because their favorite
"Huang Rong" Yung Mei Ling had committed suicide with gas in her home,
and was confirmed dead in hospital.

Most thought Yung was troubled by love and her boyfriend Kent was condemned
by many. When her body was moved to the mortuary the next day , Kent pleaded
hard to have a last look at her. Faced with her icy body, Kent kissed her,
and himself full of tears. The scene was sadder than scenes in a drama.

Barbara Yung was born May 7, 1959 , with birth and death dates only a week apart.
She committed suicide aged 26, while her career was blooming. Her death, therefore,
had shocked the whole Hong Kong territory.

Barbara attended high school in Hong Kong before emigrated to England to
join with her family. She returned to Hong Kong at the age of 23 to participate
in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, reaching position of the top 15 contestants.
Though she didn't win, she did become an actress with TVB and first appeared
in the TV series "The Legend of the Unknowns". She then became involved with
Kent Tong. According to report their personality always clashes. Still they
tried to get along, appearing together as a loving couple.

In 1983, Barbara took up the famous role of "Huang Rong" in Jin Yong's
well known novel "Legends of the Condor Heroes". Her smart, unruly vivid acting,
made her became a legendary "Huang Rong" that Chinese classic TV fans considered
no others can surpass even to this date.

Although being famous and surrounded by countless suitors, Barbara stayed with Kent.
It was reported the two had a falling out because of the wealthy son Chau Sai Lung,
and it was also rumored Kent Tong have had an affair with another actress. It was
reported that Yung committed suicide to seek relief because of the troubled
relationship that had resulted.

May 14, 1985, 8 am in the morning, Yung was found unconscious in her apartment
and the room was filled with gas. She was certified dead in hospital later.
Kent rushed to the hospital and broke down in tears after learning the sad news.

Although her suicide did not arouse any suspicion, the event had shocked the whole
territory, so police and government attached great importance in handling that.
Her body was sent to the mortuary and immediately transferred to the cold room and
put into body bag, then sealed with anti-tamper label.

It took time for Barbara's family in UK to hurry back to Hong Kong. After her death,
non relatives were banned from seeing Barbara's body by the mortuary staff. Kent Tong,
Chau and even Barbara's god mother also went to the mortuary but were turned away.
Kent Tong however, accompanied by Michael Miu and other friends, revisited the
mortuary later to beg the mortuary staff for a special arrangement for him to have
a final look of Barbara. Ultimately the mortuary staff relented and let them in.
When Kent saw the body, he allegedly crying out of control, and finally kissed
the corpse before leaving.

The funeral was on May 19, held at the Kowloon funeral parlor. Thousands
of fans lined the streets to bid farewell to the cute Huang Rong, while Kent
was so sad that he required the physical support of friends under the arms.
He placed a rose on Barbara's hair, and broke a comb into two. He left part
of the comb with her body and kept the other. This ceremonial process is typically
perform by a grieving husband towards his departed wife.

In 2012, "Apple Daily" entertainment reported, before Yung came back to Hong Kong,
she have had a secret love affair with her Dutch boyfriend Rob while they were
living in Cambridge. Rob took three years to build a web site to remember
his previous lover, publishing photos of their lives in Britain. Rob was
subsequently interviewed by a Holland Radio Station. He described Barbara as
a lively, lovely and humorous girl. He joked, "When I first saw Barbara played
the Huang Rong character, I immediately thought that clearly is her own self,
she is not even acting!"

Rob also revealed that Barbara's parents were against her love affair with a
foreigner, hoping their daughter can marry a rich Chinese guy instead.
Both mother and Barbara often argue over this which led to Barbara two suicide
attempts. Rob said that Barbara did not really want to die, she just want her
parents to change their attitude. Rob said, "I believe that when she finally
turned on the gas, her intention is the same, but unfortunately it was too late
before they found her!"

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