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Huang Rong Forever. Barbara's death 29 years 05/14/2014 22,904

On May 14, 1985, "Huang Rong" Yung Mei Ling committed suicide.
Even today 29 years after she had gone, a group of her fans still
remember her deeply. On 4th May, they brought with them flowers and cakes,
to the Cham Hill Temple at Clearwater Bay, to celebrate the coming 55th birthday
of their idol on 7th May.

After Barbara been elected Miss Chinese British runner up in U.K. 1982,
she returned to Hong Kong to take part in Miss Hong Kong Pageant.
After entering the entertainment circle, her "Legend of the Condor Heroes"
Huang Rong character had become so loved by audience and also her character
in "The Man in The Middle" and "Fearless Duo" too.

She dated with Kent Tong, group member of "Five Tigers". The golden couple
was considered a perfect match by all. However, nothing can last forever.
Yung's suicide happened on the second day after the two broke up.
The news of her death shocked the Hong Kong entertainment circle.

After leaving us for 26 years, her first love Dutch boyfriend specifically
set up a website to remember her, with a lot of photos never seen before.
Next year, her fans intend to organize a picture exhibitions by the late
Barbara to commemorate her death of 30 years.

 (thanks to eblc2006 for this translation)

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10 years ago
When will the photo exhibition be held next year? 7 may - 14 may? Where? I hope to visit there next year.
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