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Part 1 about the website(关于网站制作)

1. The love between you and Barbara was so touching.The website reminds people's memory of Barbara.

What was the main feeling when you were building up this website, happy,sweet, sad, or any others?



It was a very happy feeling. It was as if I was re-living those days again. I wrote those stories when everybody of my family had gone to bed.

It was quiet then and I could let my memories go back to thirty years back.

It seemed as I was entering a movie, some of the stories I remembered as very clear images.


2. As you mentioned in the website, there are increasing number of fans asking you the stories about Barbara, then you decided to establish

the website.But building a website might not be your strength, did you do any work or job like this in the past



I had no experiences in websites or anything from the internet. I build the website when I had holiday for a week and I had nothing else to do.

I searched on the internet on how to build a website. I also asked someone in my village, he gave me some advices which got me on the way.


3. When you decide to establish this website, have you ever felt no idea about anything? Did you take a course to learn skills special for it?



No, just trying out things and see how it worked. Which was frustrating sometimes when things didn't go as I wanted them to go.


4. When establishing this website, did you meet any difficulty that was extremely hard?



No, not really.


5. Building a website take your time and attention. Did you should pay for money to build it upIf yeswould you mind telling us the

amount of money



No I didn't pay anybody to build it. The website in past didn't cost me much, as I used the cheapest hosting service I could find.

That was good enough for the 200 visitors a day the website used to have. But now with the enormous amount of visitors the last month

(nearly all webhosting companies refused me) I had work with a real professional hosting company, who host websites from

mayor international companies. The service they give is really good and the website is much faster and easily accessible,

even when there are many users at the same time.

Unfortunately I have to pay the price for this now. That is why put a donate buttom on the site.


6. As we know, the website took three years to build. During this period, how do you manage you time? Did it affect your daily life or work?



No, I only worked on the website on Sunday evening when everybody had gone to bed. I do check the website every day, in case of

abusive comments, which unfortunately sometimes happens. I remove them then. I don't mind comments about me from people who

disagree with me but I do mind comments that are disrespectful. One time I removed a visitor who was disrespectful to women.

He didn't understand why I removed his comment.

Another time two visitors were arguing with each other and eventually they were calling each other all kind of names. I removed them as well,

which made them angry towards me.


7. The main materials of your website are pictures and words. Most of pictures are over 30 years, but they have been kept very well.

How did you make it

Did Babara also have a copy of these photos




I have to thank my father for keeping those pictures. My father was (he died last year) very precise in his administration, also with pictures.

He archived all the pictures we took very well, with the date and place they were taken. Barbara never kept a copy of those pictures.

She was too afraid that her mother would find them and that would certainly lead to arguments.


8. Had you revisited your old places for taking some new photos when you build the website?

Why did you go back to those few places? And what are the meanings to you?



I went back because I had nice memories of those places. Some of those places I visited with my English friends of those days.

Which is even nicer as they could share their nice memories as well. I also went back in the hope that it would stimulate my

memory and that way I would remember more stories.


9. Is this your first time writing such long passages? Which passage is your favoriteand why?



Sometimes I write a dairy, mostly during the holidays. Once I wrote an article about a ski-ing holiday organized by the university.

 I wrote about my experiences during this holiday. This article was very well received; It was about 5 pages long. I also enjoyed

writing letters.

A few of the people I mail with get very long mails from me. But the last few months I have no time for this anymore.

My favorite passage is "nearly discovered". Mainly because I remember nearly every minute of it.

Just imagine how I felt, lying there underneath the blankets and hearing Barbara's mother footsteps coming up the stairs.

I still feel that sweat on skin now, when I think of it while I am writing this.

(My eldest daughter just asked me "why are you smiling like that, dad? ")


10. Do you remember the first day of your website open to the publicDo you remember the first commend from fan

How do you feel at that time

Is there any comments made you feel most touched or proud of



Yes, I it is very exciting opening a website and then see of people are able to find it. The first few days I left some

comments on forums, to attract some attention.

The first comment was made by Carina, my contact from the Hong Kong fan club of Barbara. She complimented me on my work.

It is always nice to get positive reactions. What surprised me is that people make comments in which they tell about their own experiences,

I think they are very brave and somehow I feel proud that I can give them a place to tell their stories.

I even made a special menu on the site where people tell their own experiences. Somehow I feel that Barbara would

rather be remembered as a person where people could turn to with similar problems as she had, then as she is remembered now,

as a pretty actress.

A few weeks ago I read a book from Jean Kwok "Girl in translation", I believe it is also going to be published in Chinese.

In this book she describes from personal experiences the life of 11 year old girl who moves from Hong Kong alone with her mother to the USA.

This book got a lot of attention from the media. Mainly because it is one of the few books that describes the life of first generation

Chinese immigrants and the problems their children have to deal with. My website does in fact the same, and I hope therefore that

more people will tell their stories on my website to let everybody know how difficult life was for these immigrants.

Maybe one day people remember Barbara more for this than for what she is known by today. I think she would be very proud of me then.


11. From 6th June, you closed your website because the huge amount of visitors. Did you ever imagine the effect of this website?

Do Chinese fans acting over your imagination?



I used to publish one story a week, every Wednesday. The same group of fans who followed my stories every week.

When the stories finished the visitors were getting less. I tried to put new things on by publishing things from my

research of Barbara's life in Hong Kong.

I also added translations of letters and radio-interviews or television interviews, which very kindly provided by some fans.

Then suddenly this article appeared in a Hong Kong magazine, followed by a TV-documentary. This completely took me by surprise.

I never thought that Barbara still was this popular. To think of it that she lived nearly 30 years ago and she was

only an actress for 2,5 years. This amount of attention is beyond every imagination.


12. In addition to built this site,will you plan anything else for babara



I have no plans, but I wish that some one would write a book about her life and then a film script and then that someone makes a movie of it.

I wish I could let people see what I have experienced with Barbara, I think only a movie can come close to that.


Part2 In The Past过去


13. In you passages you have mentioned "Barbara said that she loved seeing that my parents were still holdings hands and cuddling each other.

She hoped that when we were that age (about 50) we still be that affectionate". It makes people have a wonderful imagination,

if Barbara and you did not break up, what would you be like? Did you ever have thoughts like that, If Barbara did not break up with you,

what would you be like now? would you merry her ?




If we would be together, I certainly be married, Barbara would not accept it otherwise. And I think we still be as affectionate,

I am still cuddling and holding hands with my wife. It is just part of a normal relation for me.

I am certain that my life would be very different from my life now. Barbara and I were very different in characters.

My wife and I have very much the same characters. I can't imagine how we would cope with bringing up children, making a career,

solving the cultural and family problem, when you both are so different in character. We wouldn't argue, but one of us would have to give in

and I am afraid that would have been me. Barbara's character was much stronger than mine.


14. The story of Barbara and you is so beautiful, even though it has passed over twenty years. Have you ever regretted separate from her?



Not at the time we separated as we both knew that staying together was not going to work. But now I found out

how unhappy she been after we separated, I feel regret and a guild that I didn´t stay in contact with her.


15. Do you have pity on this relationship, such as some unfinished promises?



No, if you see how hard we tried to stay together, I think we did everything we could do at the time.

I don´t think you can blame any of us of for not trying hard enough.


16. In this relationship, What does she attract you most?



Barbara´s unconditional love. I have never met someone who like Barbara was willing to offer everything for a relation.


17. You mentioned that Barbara had positive influence on you, can you make an example?



In that time I lived from day to day. And my only concern in life was having a good time. I had no ambitions and I was willing to

 try anything.

Barbara was much more serious and because she had more life experience, as she also had to manage the fish and chip shop,

she taught me that people are not always what they seem to be. I would believe anything what someone told me,

Barbara was more suspicious and careful.

One time I was walking through London and a strange guy asked me if I wanted to join him for a drink.

I thought why not, luckily Barbara persuaded me that it might not be such a good idea to go drinking with strange men.

And she was wright of course.


18. When Barbara decided to go to Hong Kong, did she tell you? If yes, what did you talk about?



No, after we broke up we had no contact any more.


19. As you mentioned in your website, Barbara was playing in the Eagle-shooting Hero, instead of acting.

Can you explain why do you think so?when you stay with babarahad you found her acting potential



Barbara could be very playful. And that is what I recognized when she played in the Eagle shooting Hero.

I stopped watching this series after the fourth DVD. I still didn´t see her acting. I never saw any acting potential

in Barbara and she never showed any ambition in acting. I guess it was just very good casting that she played in the Eagle shooting Hero.


20. would you feel surprise of babara to be an actress when you were broke up



Yes, I was very suprised. I wasn´t surprised that she was a model, but an actress, yes that was a surprise.


Part 3 If there is a postman in the heaven?(假如天堂有信差


21. How did you know Barbara pass away? What did you do at that moment? What were your mood and reaction?



I received a letter from my friend DI who had seen her grave. I was very down when I got the news, I describe this

in one of my stories on the website.


22. About Barbara's suicide, you replied a Hong Kong magazine that "I can say that I was not surprised to hear that babara

had committed suicide", why did you say that?

(对于babara杀的经历您近期回复香港一本周刊中说"I can say that I was not surprised to hear that babara had committed suicide".为什么这么说)


That is because I experienced Barbara´s suicide history in England. I knew that if Barbara was pressurized to much, she probably would

try a suicide to escape from the situation.


23. Before being an artist, Barbara had a suicide experience; she took a whole bottle of the sleeping draught because she

refused to leave you.

This might prove that she was a person living by relationship; did you ever notice that she was fragile?



Yes, if you read my stories then you find this a common theme. Barbara was very emotional vulnerable. She gave everything

she had in a relation and that made her vulnerable. If she thought that my attention for her was getting less,

she would feel uncertain and become very emotional.


24. In your website, you stressed that her last words "Darling, I love you" was wrote in English. According to this, you think

the last words were left to you, or you hope so?

(babara死去的那一晚她最后写下的文字是"darlingI love you"。您在故事最后问,为什么她用英文写下这句话。您认为这句遗言是为您留的?还是您希望如此?)


I don´t know why she wrote those words in English. When I was told, the first thing I thought was 'oh no,

I hope that is not meant for me´. I started looking in her life story, hoping that I could find something about

another ,English, boyfriend after we broke up. I haven´t found anything yet. No, I certainly hope that it is not meant for me,

it would mean that she never got over our relation, and that makes me feel so sorry for her as she deserved a happy loving life.


25. If there is postman in heaven, will you write a letter to Barbara? What would you talk about ther?



Yes I certainly would write her a letter, a nice long one, and I would ask her to read my website. We would have a great time

remembering those stories again.


26. What's your feeling on Barbara now? love or miss?



Not love or missing. I feel sorry for her, that she never experienced the happiness as I have now with my family.

I did love Barbara very much, but

I have moved on and found a new love and new happiness. I wish that Barbara had done the same. But to be honest,

Barbara still has a piece of my heart and that will always be hers.


27. As what you do for Barbara, your memories and love, we can know that you look Barbara heavy. And from the website,

you told you have three daughters with your girlfriends, but not married. What is your opinions on love and marriage?




I believe that when you are in love you stay together, there is no marriage needed to make sure you do. A marriage is a promise

that many people can´t keep. I have seen to many marriages breaking up.


28. Do you know who Ken Tong is? What's your impress on him? After Barbara left, almost people blame her death on Tong,

what do you think on it?



I read about Kent. I have no opinion about him as I don´t know him. But I suspect that Kent didn´t known how emotional

fragile Barbara was, as she probably never told him much about her life (and suicides) in England.

I think Kent actually confirmed that Barbara never told him about me.

I wouldn´t mind meeting Kent, I think we would have a lot to talk about.

It would even be better if he would publish his memories of Barbara on my website.


29. The last question, could you please offer our newspaper one or two photos of Barbara which you made public?

Or in your memory, can you share us one or two impressive things that you went through with Barbara?




For the pictures, just take your pick from the website.

One of the most impressive memories I have was that one day Barbara entered my apartment (she had her own key). I

 stood up to greet her.

She walked towards me without saying a word, put her arms around me and hold me really tight. Then she started crying.

It was one of those moments that the pressure became to much for her and then she would just break up

and let her emotions go.

And then while I was standing there, feeling her warm tears through my T~shirt on my chest, I felt this anger and frustration in me.

Not towards Barbara, but towards this whole situation and that I was incapable of doing something about it.

And because of this Barbara was crying now.ll


The translated text op the interview as it was published.

ND Daily’s exclusive interview with Barbara Yung’s ex-boyfriend Rob: “She is a person who is willing to give up everything for love”

Earlier this month (June), Rob – the ex-boyfriend of late actress Barbara Yung (翁美玲) – suddenly became a popular search topic on the Internet. The main reason for this is because 3 years ago, Rob started working on a memorial website to commemorate his ex-girlfriend Barbara – the project was finally completed in April of this year (2012). The website -- which chronicles Rob and Barbara's 'Cambridge love story' through many priceless pictures and stories from their years together in England – stirred up many fond memories of the actress for fans and visitors to the site.

In many people's hearts, Barbara will always be their favorite 'Wong Yung'. Though her career in the entertainment industry was very short, it was still glorious and unforgettable. She entered the industry in 1982 after participating in that year's Miss Hong Kong pageant. The next year, in 1983, her memorable performance as 'Wong Yung' in TVB's Legend of the Condor Heroes《射雕英雄传》shot her to instant fame and along with it came endless opportunities to film series, perform at events, sing, host, etc. In May of 1985, at the height of her career, Barbara suddenly decided to end her life – she was 26 years old. Almost immediately after Barbara's suicide, her boyfriend at the time, actor Kent Tong (湯鎮業), became an instant target of 'attack' by shocked fans and audiences, many of whom made the assumption that Barbara killed herself because of issues in the couple's relationship.

For many years, these 'assumptions' cast a tragic light on Barbara's love life – every time the topic of Barbara's relationships would come up, Kent Tong's name would inevitably be mentioned. Therefore, when Rob's existence as Barbara's ex-boyfriend became known, many people were surprised and astonished. Even though Rob and Barbara's relationship also did not last, the many stories from their 5 year 'Cambridge love story' touched many people's hearts. At the same time, these glimpses into her life in England also presented to the world a different side of Barbara that was previously 'undiscovered' by audiences. As some of her fans stated: "reading these stories was like peeling an onion – each story revealed a part of Barbara that most audiences did not know, bringing us closer to the 'real Barbara' in the process."

In addition to re-acquainting ourselves with Barbara, Rob's existence also evoked feelings of curiosity about him among fans and the Media alike. What kind of a person is Rob in real life? How much 'sweat and blood' was put into the 3 year production of his website in Barbara's memory? With the 30 years that have passed, how are the memories of their relationship so vividly and clearly ingrained in his brain? Were there any regrets in their relationship? Towards this woman whom he had once loved deeply, what are his feelings now? Why did Barbara's last words of "Darling, I love you" leave a feeling of regret in his heart? So many unanswered questions prompted us [ND Daily's reporters] to 'cross borders' and reach out to Rob in Holland for an interview.

From the time the interview was scheduled to when it was completed, it took nearly a month. During the process, Rob had expressed hesitation at one point – he explained to ND Daily's reporter that prior to this, he had never done any interviews before. Even though he was contacted by many Media outlets recently requesting interviews, he expressed that he hopes to maintain a low profile as much as possible. In the end, he only agreed to accept interviews with 2 Media outlets – one is a Chinese Media outlet in his home country of Holland and, very fortunately, the second one is this interview with us (ND Daily).

In his response back to us, Rob wrote: "I responded to all of your questions truthfully – nothing at all was concealed."


Regarding his website: Never thought that it would receive the massive attention it did

Thanks to the Internet and social media, Rob and Barbara's love story became known to the world.

In December 2009, Rob did a small experiment on-line. He wanted to see how much information there was about him online, so he did a quick search and was amazed to find that there was actually quite a lot of info about him on the Internet. This made him wonder – how much information would there be about people who existed prior to the dawn of the Internet (and social media)? The first person that came to mind for him was Barbara Yung, who had already passed away decades ago: "I couldn't believe what I saw! I read some stuff about Barbara in Wikipedia and subsequently started to read some of the things written about Barbara by fans on their sites. I noticed that there was no information whatsoever about my relationship with Barbara on any of the Internet sites. Therefore, I wrote to a few websites and told them that I had some memories and old pictures to share, but never received any responses. I also noticed that in recent years, there wasn't much new information regarding Barbara being released -- in fact, some of the websites [dedicated to her] didn't even exist anymore! I assumed that with all the years that have passed, everyone had probably already forgotten Barbara."

During New Year's, Rob and his family decided to create a video clip commemorating Barbara – his dad dug up a lot of old photographs of the couple, which Rob included in the clip, then uploaded it to the Internet with the title 'A Love Story That No One Knew About'. Afterwards, the fansites that he had written to previously voluntarily contacted him – many of them emailed him inquiring about his memories of Barbara and that's when he started recording the memories of their relationship down on paper. That was the year 2010 – coincidentally, it was also the 25th anniversary of Barbara's death.

Throughout the past 3 years, Rob has been recounting the story of his relationship with Barbara via pictures on his website. When the website was still in its infant stages, the few pictures he had uploaded were already being re-posted to other sites. By the time he finally completed his website in April 2012, he had already added dozens more photos, including a few more 'intimate' ones where he and Barbara were holding hands or kissing. The couple's love story slowly started to spread to various Chinese websites and with that, various Media outlets started reporting on his website, making it known to a lot of people. The site quickly garnered an overwhelming number of hits, to the point that the servers the website was on could no longer support it, causing the site to freeze up and become inaccessible. On June 6th, Rob had to shut down the website in order to perform maintenance on it and re-opened it a week later.


ND: Throughout the course of creating this website, what were some of the feelings that you experienced?

Rob: It was a very happy feeling – it felt as though I was transported back to those days. When the rest of my family was asleep, I started writing down the stories – in the silence of the night, my memory went back 30 years and everything started coming back very clearly. I felt like I had entered a movie.

ND: As a medical student, creating websites probably wasn't a strength of yours, right?

Rob: I've never had any experience creating websites. When I was working on this site, I actually had a week off, so I asked one of my neighbors and he gave me some advice on how to go about doing it.

ND: How did you arrange the time to work on the website? Did it interfere with your job and regular family life?

Rob: No, it didn't interfere much. I would pretty much wait until Sunday night each week and work on the website while the rest of my family was asleep. Of course, I would check the website everyday for abusive and insulting comments from people – which unfortunately happened more often than not – and sometimes, I would end up having to delete those comments. I don't mind people criticizing me or being opposed to what I'm doing, but I do mind when people post comments that are overly disrespectful.

ND: Many of the pictures on the site are still in such good condition. We're curious how you were able to maintain them like that for so long? Did both you and Barbara keep a set of the same pictures?

Rob: I really have to thank my father, who passed away last year. He's a person with a very orderly lifestyle, which extended to maintaining family photos and keepsakes. He was very good about marking down the time/date and location on every single photo we had in the family and then storing them in a safe place. Barbara never kept copies of the photos because she was afraid that her mother would find out about our relationship, which would've definitely caused a lot of issues.

ND: It's obvious that you put a lot of effort into creating this website. In addition to the old photographs, you had also returned to the same places the two of you visited and took new pictures as well, right?

Rob: Yes, I went back and re-visited some of the places, mainly because I had many beautiful memories there. Some of the places I had actually revisited with my friends from England – it was great because they were able to re-live some of those beautiful memories as well.

ND: Through your writings, you chronologically recorded the various stories between you and Barbara. Many of the writings are very detailed – is this your first time doing such long writings?

Rob: Sometimes, I do write in my journal, especially during the days when I'm off. I also enjoy writing letters – on occasion, some of my friends might receive a long, detailed letter from me. In the last few months though, I haven't had time to do it anymore.

ND: Do you remember the first day that your website officially went public?

Rob: After I published my website, I checked back frequently to see if people were able to find it. It was very exciting! I remember the very first comment on the site was from Carina, who is my contact from Barbara's fan club in HK, praising the work that I had done. To a certain extent, I feel this would help people have deeper memories of Barbara because they went through similar experiences as her and not merely remember her as 'that beautiful actress'. I feel that she [Barbara] would have been proud of me!

ND: It took you 3 years to complete the website. Besides taking up a lot of your time and energy, did it also cost a lot of money?

Rob: I did not hire any professionals to help with the site. In the past, the website didn't cost too much money because I would use the least expensive server I could find that was able to accommodate 200 hits [people visiting the site] per day. But last month, with the overwhelming increase in people visiting the site, the server ended up crashing. I had to work with a company that provided a larger capacity server – the service package is excellent, but unfortunately, I have to pay a large sum of money every month to maintain the server. That's one of the reasons why I added a section to the website for donations.

ND: Were you expecting the massive number of visitors to the site? Did the enthusiasm of netizens visiting the site exceed your expectations?

Rob: In the past, I would do a posting on the website every Wednesday and there were a few people who consistently followed the stories – but after the stories were completed, the number of visitors were less frequent. Based on my research of Barbara's life in HK, I would consistently update my site with various types of information, including translated articles, links to radio and television interviews, etc. I had never thought that Barbara would continue to remain so popular even today, as she passed away close to 30 years ago and her acting career was very short-lived – only 2 ½ years or so. For the website to receive such massive attention is completely beyond my imagination."


Memories: When her family tried to end the relationship, she protested with her life

Through his writings, photographs, and video links, Rob tried the best he could to record the story of his relationship with Barbara Yung. Rob writes in English, however each time, he would ask his friend to help him translate his writings into Chinese and then publish both versions so that non-English speakers would have the chance to read his writings as well.

The clarity with which Rob remembers the details of his relationship with Barbara is astonishing. Their story started when they first met back in 1976. Even though Barbara's family was vehemently opposed to it, the 2 of them insisted on starting a relationship – throughout the 5 years they were together, their lives were blissful, but at the same time, they had to carefully protect the relationship that they knew might not last in the long term. Their romantic days at Cambridge, their apprehensive New Year's rendezvous, their blissful Italy trip, their comical 'walking the dog' experience, their 'perfect and romantic' engagement ceremony, the dreaded meeting with the parents, the 2 painful and heartwrenching breakups.....Rob recorded all of these experiences in great detail – even some of the conversations that they had were recorded at great length. Rob expressed that even he is unable to understand how he is able to remember everything with such great clarity.

Rob's description of Barbara is a woman who is beautiful and outstanding, yet sensitive and fragile; she's also very willful, gets jealous, and knows how to 'pretend' when circumstances warrant – when someone tries to get in the way of her love relationship, she can be determined to the point of sacrificing her life to 'protest' it.

Barbara once told Rob that she hopes when the two of them are 50 years old, they can be like Rob's parents – still holding hands, hugging, and madly in love with each other. Unfortunately, even such a romantic love story could not survive the harshness of reality, as the couple eventually broke up. Rob states: "Looking back, not being able to keep in contact with each other for fear of disturbing each other's current lives was the biggest mistake that the two of us made."

Indeed, this is an optimistic thought to ponder: if the two of them had not broken up, or, if the two of them had kept in touch after they broke up, how would things have turned out?


ND: Of all the stories that you told of your relationship with Barbara, which one is your favorite?

Rob: My favorite is the 'Almost Discovered' story, mainly because I very clearly remember every single minute from that moment – imagine how I felt lying underneath the blanket, holding my breath, and hearing the footsteps of Barbara's mother coming up the stairs....whenever I write about or recall that moment even now, I can still feel the sweat on my skin from the nervousness. (At that moment, my oldest daughter would ask me: 'Dad, why are you smiling like that?')

ND: What about Barbara attracted you the most?

Rob: Her unconditional love. I have never encountered such a woman as her who was so willing to sacrifice everything for love.

ND: In one of your writings, you mentioned that one impact Barbara had on you was that you became more energetic and proactive. Any specific examples?

Rob: At that time, I wasn't ambitious and would just muddle my way through life – the only thing I cared about in life was whether I was happy. In comparisons, Barbara was a lot more serious and she had a lot more life experience – at the time, in addition to going to school, she also worked at a place that sold fish and chips. She taught me that people are not always as they seem on the surface. In the past, I would believe pretty much every single thing that people told me, whereas Barbara was more cautious and suspicious about things. For example, one time when we were walking down the street in London, a stranger approached and asked if I wanted to go drinking at a bar with him – I thought 'why not?' – luckily, Barbara convinced me that going out for a drink with a stranger was not a good idea. Of course, she was right.

ND: 30 years may have passed, but you still have beautiful memories of your life with Barbara. Do you regret breaking up with her?

Rob: Both of us knew that being together wouldn't work out in the future. But I actually didn't find out until recently how unhappy her life was after we broke up. I feel regretful and guilty for not keeping in touch with her after we broke up.

ND: Any regrets in the relationship itself?

Rob: No. If you guys were able to see all the efforts we had put in to be together, you would understand why. I feel that we already did everything we could have at that time. In terms of the tremendous effort that we had put towards our relationship, I don't feel anyone can criticize us in that area.

ND: Ever thought that Barbara would choose a career in acting? After you found out she became an actress, were you surprised?

Rob: I was very surprised! If she had chosen to become a model, then no, I wouldn't be surprised, but the fact that she chose to go into acting definitely surprised me!

ND: When you two were dating, were you able to see that she had acting potential?

Rob: I was never aware that Barbara had acting potential and she never expressed to me that she was interested in acting. I feel that in Legend of the Condor Heroes, she did a good job playing the character.

ND: Have you ever thought about what would've happened if you and Barbara had never broken up?

Rob: If we were still together, we definitely would have been married already, as Barbara would not have accepted it otherwise. I feel that we would still be very intimate, as my girlfriend and I still hold hands and hug even now. To me, that kind of thing is a normal part of a relationship. If we had not broken up, I am absolutely sure that my life right now would be very different because Barbara and I have very different personalities, whereas my current girlfriend and I have very similar personalities. With the differences in our background and personalities, I can't imagine how we'd be able to raise children or start a business together, or even resolve cultural differences and family issues. I don't feel that we would be arguing all the time, but it's inevitable that one person would need to give in and compromise – I'm afraid that person would most likely be me, since Barbara has a stronger personality than I do.


What if: "If I had a chance to meet Kent Tong, I believe we would have a lot to talk about"

In 1985, Rob received a letter from his friend DI. In the letter, DI told him about Barbara's death and how when he was visiting the grave of a friend's grandmother in Cambridge, he happened to come across Barbara's grave. In the subsequent weeks, Rob constantly felt sad and at a loss – he expressed that his sorrow was because the woman he had once loved is gone forever. In his writings, it's obvious that Rob has beautiful memories of his relationship with Barbara that are difficult to part with – asked what his current feelings are towards Barbara, he replied that he felt pity, regret, and also a bit of guilt: "because she truly deserved to have a happy life!"


ND: Recently, when you politely rejected an invitation to be interviewed by a HK magazine [FACE Magazine], you had included in your email response: "When I heard that Barbara had committed suicide, I actually was not surprised." Based on your understanding of Barbara, do you feel that she is the type of person who tries to avoid reality?

Rob: The reason I said that was because back in England, I had already gone through the experience of Barbara trying to commit suicide once before [by taking sleeping pills]. I know that if she had to endure huge emotional pressure, she most likely would have chosen suicide as her way to avoid having to face it. Those who read my writings will discover that emotionally, Barbara is a very fragile person. When it comes to her love relationships, she is willing to sacrifice everything – if she were ever to feel that my love and consideration for her was any less than what it was, she would feel very uncomfortable and also get very emotional.

ND: On May 14th, 1985, Barbara was discovered dead in her home due to the poison from the gas fumes. At the time, she had left a 'note' on her calendar that merely said 'Darling, I love you.' In one of your stories, you had mentioned this and didn't understand why she would write down those words in English. Do you feel those last words were meant for you? Or do you wish that they were?

Rob: I don't know why she wrote those words in English. When I was first told about it, my first reaction was: 'No! I hope those words weren't meant for me!' I started to look through all the information about her life to see if I could find anything about her having another English-speaking boyfriend after we broke up, but I couldn't find any. I definitely hope that those words were not meant for me because that would imply that all this time, she was not able to let go of our relationship – if that were the case, it would make me feel extremely guilty because she absolutely deserves to have a happy and joyous life.

ND: What are your feelings toward Barbara now? Do you still have feelings of love toward her or just feelings of cherishing her memory?

Rob: Neither one actually – I feel regret that she was not able to experience the joys of family life like I'm experiencing now. I truly did love Barbara at one point, but later on, I found a new love relationship and discovered a different type of joy. I hoped for the same for her. To be honest though, she will always have a place in my heart, a place that will always be reserved for her.

ND: After Barbara's death, the general public placed most of the blame on her boyfriend at the time, Kent Tong...were you aware of that? What are your thoughts on this?

Rob: I did read up a bit about Kent Tong – I don't know him personally, so I don't have any comment toward him. But I suspect that he probably did not know how fragile Barbara was emotionally because she most likely did not tell him about her life in England or about our past relationship. I don't mind meeting him – I believe we would have many things we could talk about. If he were able to share about his relationship with Barbara on my website, that would be even better.

ND: Initially after you two broke up, you did write some letters to each other. If there were mailmen who could deliver letters to her in Heaven, would you still write to her now? If so, what would you say to her?

Rob: Yes, I definitely would write to her – the same kind of long, beautiful letter! I would also have her visit my website so we could re-live the beautiful, happy memories together.

ND: Based on everything that you've done for Barbara, it's apparent that you're the type of person who cherishes relationships. From your writings, we understand that right now, you have a steady girlfriend, and 3 lively, cute daughters – your family life is very harmonious and happy. Currently, what is your view towards love and marriage?

Rob: I believe that if you truly love each other and guard each other, not getting married won't have much impact. To me, marriage just helps provide a 'guarantee' to those who may find it difficult to guard each other otherwise. In reality, I've already witnessed many examples of marriages breaking apart and ending in divorce.


Translation: llwy12@ http://asianfanatics.net 


“The 她是一个愿意为爱情付出所有的人”


这个6月初,已逝女星翁美玲(Barbara)的前男友、荷兰籍男子Rob忽然变成了互联网搜索的热门人物。成为热门的主要原因是,Rob三年前开始为翁美玲制作的纪念网站,终于在今年4月中旬宣布"竣工",并于网上加载了不少他与前女友相恋时的珍贵旧照。图文并茂的网站,一段动人的"剑桥恋情",唤起了不少人对翁美玲的思念和回忆。(来源:南方都市报 南都网)    她是许多人心中永远的"俏黄蓉"。她在娱乐圈的轨迹短暂却辉煌,于1982年参选香港小姐出道,1983年即因主演《射雕英雄传》的"黄蓉"一角一炮而红,随后登台、演唱、主持、演戏,各类片约蜂拥而至。1985年5月,在演艺事业如日中天之际,她却突然自杀身亡,终年26岁。香销玉殒,坊间将矛头直指翁美玲当年的男友汤镇业,猜测她因与其发生感情问题而开煤气自杀。


    重新认识翁美玲的同时,Rob的存在也让影迷和传媒倍感好奇。实际生活中的他到底是一个怎样的人?耗时三年制作的网站究竟花费了他多少的心血?30年前的记忆缘何能如此清晰地印记在他脑海里?他与她在这段恋情中是否曾有过遗憾?对于曾经深爱过的这个女孩,他现在心怀着怎样的情感?翁美玲那句英文遗言"Darling,I loveyou"为何让他耿耿于怀、期盼解答......太多的疑惑促使了我们这次跨国的追访。





    得益于神奇的互联网,R ob和翁美玲的爱情才得以被大家知晓。

    2009年圣诞节,R ob在网上做了一个小实验。他想看看自己在网上有多少公开的信息。结果网上显示了他不少的信息,这让他感到吃惊。随后,他又开始思考,互联网产生前的人会不会也有信息?他首先想到的是离世多年的翁美玲,"我都不敢相信自己看到了什么。我读到了Wikipedia上的一篇关于B arbara的文章,然后我开始在网上读影迷的文章及浏览他们的网站。我留意到网上没有任何有关我们关系的文字。于是我给一些网站写信,说我有一些回忆和照片,但没有回音。我注意到近期不再有新的消息发表,一些网站甚至不再存在。我猜想这么多年过去了,Barbara已被遗忘了。"新年期间,R ob和家人决定做一个回忆翁美玲的视频,R ob的父亲找到了许多的照片。R ob将视频命名为"无人知道的爱情故事",然后发布在网上。之后,R ob先前联系过的影迷会主动联系他,有影迷发邮件问他关于翁美玲的记忆,他开始记录下相关的故事。那年是2010年,正好是翁美玲逝世25周年。

    三年以来,R ob在网上以图文并茂的方式,持续地更新他与翁美玲之间的故事。网页最初成立时,他上传的相片已开始在网上流传。直至今年4月,R ob表示整个网站已完成,还加载了不少图片,其中有不少是他和翁美玲的牵手或接吻的亲密照。两人的故事开始在华人网络广泛地流传开来,多家媒体对R ob及其网站进行报道,不少人都知道该网站。网站迅速地涌入了大批访问者,这让支撑网站运营的网络服务器难以招架。网站濒临瘫痪,让人一度难以进入。6月6日,因为过于庞大的访问量,R ob不得不关闭网站,从而进行技术调整,一周后才再次开放。

























    Rob对这段恋情的记忆清晰得让人诧异。故事从他们1976年的相遇说起,Rob和Barbara不顾女方家人的反对执意交往,他们在五年的时光里幸福又紧张地守护着这段早知没有结果的恋情———他们在剑桥的浪漫时光,忐忑不安的新年幽会,无比快乐的意大利之旅、滑稽可笑的遛狗经历、完美浪漫的订婚仪式、惊心动魄的家长会面、伤心痛苦的两次分手......R ob将这些多姿多彩的爱情瞬间细致描绘,甚至连两人交谈过的话语都一一尽录。Rob自己有时也搞不明白为什么对这一切依然记忆犹新。

    他笔下的B arbara美丽出众、敏感脆弱,会任性会吃醋还会伪装,爱情受阻挠时,她可以决绝到以死抗议。生前的她曾对R ob说,希望两人在50岁时能如R ob的父母般牵手、搂抱,依然挚爱对方。可惜动人故事终抵不过残酷现实,两人终究以分手收场。R ob说:"现在回头看,没能够保持联系,害怕介入对方的生活,是我们犯的最大的错误。"





    南都:这段恋情中,B arbara最吸引你的地方是什么?

    Rob:她无条件的爱。我从来没有遇到过一个像她这样愿意为爱情付出所有的人。(来源:南方都市报 南都网)










    Rob:我从来没觉得B arbara有演戏的潜力,她也没有展示任何演戏的野心。我想她在《射雕英雄传》里,她只是很好地演绎了一个角色。








    1985年,R ob收到了朋友D I的来信。D I在信中告诉了他Barbara的死讯,以及在去英国剑桥郊外探望朋友的祖母墓地时,恰巧看到了Barbara的墓碑。接连的好几周,R ob都处于非常难过、失落的状态,他说他的悲伤是因为曾经爱过的人已经永远离开了。R ob在字里行间都透露着对这段恋情无限的怀念和不舍,问现在的他对Barbara是怎样的一种情感?他说有惋惜、有愧疚,"因为她值得拥有幸福快乐的生活!"




    南都:1985年5月14日,Barbara被发现在家中因煤气中毒而身亡。当时她在日历牌上留着一句话"D arling,I love you(亲爱的,我爱你)"。你在故事的结尾处也提及此事,不解为什么她用英文写下了这句话。你觉得这句遗言是她为你而留的?还是你希望如此?




    南都:Barbara的离开,外界将大部分的原因都归咎于汤镇业,你知道他吗?你如何看待这种观点?(来源:南方都市报 南都网)

    Rob:我有读过汤镇业的故事。我不认识他,所以对他没有任何的评论。但我怀疑他也许不知道B arbara是一个感情多么脆弱的人,因为她可能不曾告诉他,她在英国的生活,也不曾告诉他我们的过往。我不介意去见他,我想我们会有很多话题可以聊,如果他能在我的网站上发表他和Barbara的故事就更好了。







    R ob在网站最后留言说,他已讲完想讲的故事,展示了他想展示的照片,而更多他与Barbara的记忆,将作为私人的回忆留存。他说不会再在网站中分享。借着这次难得的采访机会,说起他和Barbara印象深刻的一两件事时,他又分享了一个不曾在网站中公开过的一幕———



    A 相识


    我仍然能回想起1976年我第一次遇见翁美玲。她像往常一样独自一人坐在C C A T的学生食堂里面,她总是在一个黑色笔记本里面写着什么东西。我对她,一个孤独的留着长头发的中国女孩产生了好奇。我第一次走到她的面前,问她,"你在写什么?""我在写我的日志。"带着北伦敦英语口音的她回答到。她把日志递给我让我看。我读不懂中文,但我能看懂日志里面的几句英文歌词,其中有《坐着喷气式飞机离开》,约翰·丹佛的歌。我同时也能辨认出一句哈里·尼尔森的歌《失去你》中的一句———"你总是微笑,但在你眼中却能看见忧伤。"

    B 挫折



    C 新年



    D 家庭



    E 自杀



    F 同居



    G Kiss



    H 联络



    I 订婚



    J 幽会


    B arbara从来没有告诉妈妈我每周到伦敦去看她。她担心妈妈会停付她的房租。有一次我们正朝她家走去,我看见有个人坐在他们家门口的台阶上,我以为是B arbara的舅舅。在房子前面的长椅上坐着几个人。我想也没想就一下子坐在他们边上,假装我认识他们。B arbara以为我发疯了。直到她告诉我那不是她舅舅,边上的那几个人也告诉我坐在台阶上的是和他们一伙的,我才敢走。2011年1月,我自1983年后首次回到Belsize公园。我惊喜地发现长椅还在原处。后面一排房子的第一座(开着灯的)就是Barbara原来的家。

    K 旅行


    不知道B arbara用了什么办法,她居然获许和我一起外出度3周的夏日假期。我们想去一个温暖的国家。B arbara希望能够去历史悠久的城市,我则希望去接近大自然的地方。我们最终决定去意大利古城威尼斯附近,希望在那里美丽的郊外能找到一个可以露营的地点。这次旅行是那种一切皆如所愿的旅行。我们在湖边找到了露营地,离威尼斯不远周边有美丽的自然风光。我们的时间都用来在郊外漫步,在露营地玩游戏,用我们带来的橡皮船在湖里乱划,当然我们也去了威尼斯。

    L 分手



  M 复合


  1981年2月,我在一场足球比赛中受了很重的伤,我住了3周院。我被禁止活动,我想到Barbara,猜测她在做什么。我写了封信。信寄出后两天,那是个周六的下午,仿佛电影里才有的一幕发生了。我那时和三个其他病人住一间,他们后来告诉我我当时的表情就像是见到了鬼一样。因为计划没有人来探病,那天下午我迷迷糊糊要睡着了。Barbara走进了病房。她四处张望,看到了我就微笑了,向我走过来。她坐到我床上,伸手握住我的手,带着她那种甜甜的微笑对我说,H elloRobert,你好吗?

  N 告别






  向来很认同一句话———时光可以冲淡一切,包括记忆。直到Rob的出现,在网上细细阅读他书写的故事后,我对时光的"威力"有所保留。一段30多年前的爱恋,被描绘得如此细腻,历历在目,再加上上百张珍贵照片,整个故事非常动人,忍不住主动去信约Rob的访问。尽管网上故事很详尽,但总觉得和他应该还有另外的话题可聊。(来源:南方都市报 南都网)



    专题采写南都记者 朱燕霞 实习生 姚为微





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Rob, such a sweet response - words that Barbara would have wanted to hear...
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Your story is very beautiful, these days I repeated reading. Feel very deep
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Have the opportunity to go to Hongkong, to look at the former residence of Barbara Yung.
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11 years ago
You are right. Your story likes a movie.
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Great interview Rob! I really liked how you answered the questions. If you believe in reincarnation, would you want to be with Barbara again in your next life??
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Rob, come to China. Let's have a talk.
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