On June 7, 1984, the Hong Kong Business Evening News reported that the beach barbecue mentioned in the article occurred after the May 12th "Rusted Bridge King" press conference.

Weng Meiling is the only daughter in the family. Plus her father died early, her mother has always hurt her. She felt that after she had done something, she knew how to treat others, and her personality not only became cheerful, but also easier to communicate with others. In this respect, she did make a lot of hard work.
It is well known that Qin Jie is the dear mother of Mei Ling. Chen Dike is her cousin. There are many deeds and deeds outside the ring. Mei Ling is very painful, and can be made in the circle and outside. Many people They all said that she didn't have a big star shelf and talked to anyone.
"Being a solitary woman is usually highly dependent and loves to be spoiled, but I love being arbitrarily independent since I was a child, and I am hiding in my heart. My father often said that I am a male character. The only difference is that I am very old, but I am getting older. When the collision hits a lot, I know how to converge on my own shortcomings. Now I am very different from the past."
The film "Rusty Bridge King" is the best proof. After the start of the work, Mei Ling did not forget to invite everyone to eat. After the filming, he arranged to live in the Saigon barbecue. Everyone was happy.

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