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Weng Meiling went on a trip to Singapore for 10 days to perform and returned to Hong Kong to participate in the filming of  the TV-serie "The new adventures of Chor Lau-heung".

Weng Meiling said that after going to Singapore for ten days, she met Andy Lau and Felix Wong in Ipoh Malaysia, and both performed there on a show. Weng Meiling went to see their show . They asked her to appear on stage. She said that she was not prepared, so she declined their kindness.

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Originally, Weng Meiling wanted to fly from Singapore to Thailand for a few days, but unfortunately all the seats were sold out early in the morning, so she missed the opportunity to go to Thailand and had to stay in Singapore.

Weng Meiling said that on the day of the Yulan Festival, they went to the Genting Casino. She was at the roulette table and suddenly had an idea to bet on the fourteenth. Unfortunately, she had no c
hips to bet. The result was the 14th, and she had no choice but to sigh "Go treasure."

When she was in Singapore, local people met her and called her Huang Rong. In a disco, a man made a bet with a friend for 1,000 yuan. He would get the money if he recognized her as Weng Meiling and if he she then would agree to dance with him. Weng Meiling did not agree to dance with him and gave a signature with another name to prove him wrong.


source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4543621951662237

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