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Yesterday, Yung Mei Ling invited her fans to join her at TVB City.  She said that her fans had asked her if they can come to TVB City when she is filming the "The Fearless Duo ". However, anyone who wants to visit TVB City must submit an application even the actors have to.  So, the visit of TVB City was postponed till yesterday.

Yesterday, Yung Mei Ling arranged for about 60 people to enter into TVB City while she was working on "United We Stand".  Because so many fans watched her performing she didn't do well and there were many "NG"s.  ("NG" means Not Good in the show or re-takes.)  IThis made the fans impatient.

Yung Mei Ling plans to accept an invitation from Kuala Lumpur to perfom on stage.  Whether she goes depends on what TVB decides.
(thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)
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