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The content of this article is quite similar with the article 1984 April 9: Newspaper article (translated), “Yung Mei Ling arranged her fans to come to TVB city to see her acting in “United We Stand”.

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Yung Mei Ling arranged to meet her fans. The affair of sexy clothes photos is over.

Newspaper Name:  大公報

Date: 1984年4月9日

Yung Mei Ling arranged to meet her fans at TVB city on yesterday at half past two.  However, she suddenly got a TVB notice that she needed to film an outside scene for “United We Stand”  so she immediately changed the meeting time to twelve o’clock.  She saw her fans in a hurried way. 

She arranged this meeting because she did not meet up her fans for a long time and the next fan meeting will be on her birthday (7th of May) as she is very busy in the meantime. 

A journalist asked her fans about their views on sexy clothes photos of Yung Mei Ling.  They said that these photos must were not taken on her voluntary basis.  Besides, this case is over and they hope not to be reminded of it again.

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

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