Although we have been together for 26 years we never decided to get married, therefore formally she is still my girlfriend (marriage is not big thing in the Netherlands).

She knows about my relation with Barbara and understands why I am doing this. But she is not very interested. She did say 'I be more worried if Barbara was still alive!".

My oldest daughter (she is 17) finds its really cool that her father made a website and put videos on You Tube. But she is mainly interested in the visitors count and the many different countries that visit the site. My other two daughters show no interest and they only find it annoying that I use the computer more often now.

尽管我们在一起24年了,我们还没有正式结婚,因此严格说起来她还是我的女朋友(结婚在荷兰不是特别受重视的)。她知道我和Barbara的关系,也了解我为什么这么做。但她也不感兴趣。她曾经说过, "如果Barbara现在还活着的话,我会更担心。"

我的大女儿(15岁了)觉得老爸做了网站,还在you tube上传视频是件很酷的事情。但她更感兴趣的是点击量,有来自多少个国家的访问者。我的另外两个没有女儿什么兴趣,觉得我更常要用电脑很麻烦。




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