One day I went to the library and Barbara wasn't there. I got worried, I had seen her earlier that day and she didn't mention to me that she was going somewhere else at the end of the day. I asked around if anyone had seen Barbara. Finally a friend told me that Barbara was seen walking with Bill. Now I got really worried. Bill was known as a 'ladies' man. He dressed well, looked good, was a charming person to talk to and was very popular with the girls. Bill favorite saying was: 'a nice looking girl doesn't have to leave the party with the same guy with whom she came". No way I could compete with Bill. I thought this is the end of my chance with Barbara. If she had gone to Bills room, then I knew what was going to happen there. No girl goes to Bills place just for a cup of tea.

The following day I asked Bill if it was true that he had seen Barbara after school. He told me that this was true. He had asked her if she wanted a cup of tea at his place, it was on the way to bus station so why not. She accepted. When I saw Barbara that day I told her that I had been worried about her, as she had gone with Bill to his room. She told me that Bill had invited her for a cup of tea, and as she assumed that Bill was a friend of mine there was no harm in it. She said that she only had a cup of tea and that I shouldn't be such a silly boy asking silly questions. Later Barbara told me that because of my worries at that time she was sure that I really cared for her.







(translated by Zhi)


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