My brother was a real biker. That means driving a heavy motorcycle, wearing leather clothes, long hair, looking all greasy, listining to heavy metal music, smoking and drinking a lot. Not the type you like to meet on a dark night. I also had a motorbike, but I wasn't greasy and my bike wasn't that impressive. His friends were also bikers, same type, some with girlfriends others without. At the weekends they always met a my parents house. It was the only place they were welcome. Most weekends our driveway and garage would be occupied by five or six heavy bikes, being cleaned and mended.
One Saturday evening they got hungry. They knew that I liked Barbara and they also knew that Barbara worked at a fish and chip shop. The choice was easily made. So off they went, I joined them of course, I wanted to see Barbara. Imagine how it feels when you working in a chip shop in a village where nothing ever happens and then unexpectedly 6 heavy motorcycles appear with these greasy drivers and girls all dressed up in leathers. Well that's what the family of Barbara must have felt. They must have been very worried, like the customers who were there aswell. Barbara knew my brother and his friends from the CCAT. Therefore she was al jolly, friendly and chatted a lot with us. That must have worried her family even more. Barbara obviously didn't tell her family that there was one boy among that group she particularly liked.

When the others got what they had ordered they went outside to their bikes to eat. I stayed inside, observing Barbara. Another customer came and sat next to me. He told me how he fancied Barbara and what he liked about her. We had great fun talking about Barbara (I didn't tell him that I also fancied Barbara). While I was sitting there Barbara gave me a whole scale of looks, from affectionate to confused to annoyed and to 'it's time to leave'.

The next time I saw Barbara she told me that it would be better if we didn't came round anymore. The bikers would scare the customers away and people just sitting and chatting was not good for the sales. But the real reason was that she suspected that her family wouldn't accept it that she was going around with those types of people at school.

 fish and chip shop

The fish and chips shop of Barbara's family at 6 station road in Histon. Barbara, her mother and uncle lived above the shop. The window on the right was of the living room, the left window, above the carport was of the kitchen.
(thanks to Carina for the picture)








(translated by Zhi)


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