One morning Barbara and I were drinking tea in the Coffee bar 'the Batman'. Barbara told me about the Chinese new year which was coming soon. She explained to me that each year was named after an different animal and that this animal expressed some characters or predictions of that year. She asked me if I wanted to go to London with her to watch the new year celebrations in Chinatown. I was very surprised, I had giving up asking Barbara out, as she always said no, she had to work. If I wanted to go she said that we had to put some efforts in organizing things. We had to get hold of a car, and we had to persuade a girl to join us. Only if this girl would pick her up from her home and she would promise her family that they stay together all day, then Barbara would be allowed to go. Finding a car was no problem, I could lend my mother's car. Finding a girl was more of a challenge. We thought that if we take Chris along (he always says yes to anything), then maybe Sue would come along too as she fancied Chris. It worked, Sue and Chris wanted to join us.

On that Saturday. I picked up Sue and Chris with my mother's car and we drove to Histon. We parked the car so it couldn't be seen. Sue went to pick up Barbara and Chris and I hid ourselves. After a while Sue appeared with Barbara. Our plan was working so far. When we were sure that her family wasn't looking Chris an I joined them and we drove to London. Barbara and I in the front seats, Chris and Sue in the back seats.
Barbara lead us the way in London. For me it was the first time in Chinatown. It was very impressive. The lampposts were decorated with strings of money. Then this is enormous human dragon came along and ate this money, all accompanied with the sounds of drums. It was very busy. In order not to lose each other in the crowd we had to hold hands. At first we let lose immediately again.

But soon Barbara didn't let go of my hand. Later every time when I was standing behind her to watch the dragon she started to lean against me. Not much later I put my arms around Barbara. By the end of the day when it was time to go back home we were a couple. Sue and Chris also found each other and they were a couple as well.

In the evening Barbara didn't want to go home yet therefore we all went to my parents house. Chris and Sue soon disappeared somewhere in the garden. This was the first moment that Barbara and I were alone that day. That was the moment of our first kiss.







(translated by Zhi)



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