1986 April: interview with Barbara's mother (translated in english)

1986: The Metropolitan Weekly nr 167

1986 May 15: Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Daily (excerpt)

1986: Era magazine nr.31 Yung Meiling Remembrance Special (欢乐无线31 翁美玲 周年怀念特辑)

1986 November 23: Help for the stars who wane (english)

1987 April 9: Showbiz forms help fellowship (english)

1987 May 18: Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Daily (excerpt)

1987: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 27

1987 interview retrospective 'From Weaver to Chinese rose (翁美玲由織女到黃蓉.)'

1988 April 11: Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Daily (excerpt)

1988: The Metropolitan Weekly nr 287

1988: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 36

1989: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 44

1989: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 45

1989 book resulting in TV-serie"The Death of Yung Mei Ling"

1990 TV series "The Death of Yung Mei Ling"

1991 June 25: newspaper article

1991: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 60

1993: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 72

1994 September 5: Fellowship of the stars (english)

1995 Hong Kong Newspaper

1995: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 81

1995 documentary about Barbara

1996: The death of Weng Meiling (情寂玉殒的翁美玲1985年5月14日)

1996: Hong Kong Television Idols Monthly nr. 85

1996 TVB Jade station: Memorial tablet Weng Meiling

2004 Memories of Xiao Yu

2005 February 10: Participants of the 83rd Edition of "The legend of the condor heroes" talk about Weng Meiling (83版《射雕群英会》谈翁美玲 )

2006: Director Lau Sze Yu talks about Yung Meiling (劉仕裕導演訪問談 “翁美玲之死” 2006年)

2006: Chongqing Commercial Daily (重庆商报), Weng Meiling's 79-year-old mother lives alone (翁美玲79岁老母生活孤独)

2008 TVB community chest episode about Barbara

2008 September 23: Actress Lee Heung Kam 李香琴 feels guilty about death Yung Meiling

2008 October 29: Entertainment weekly

2009 July 29: interview Felix Wong in "Be My Guest" (translated), 陳志雲 訪問 黄日华 談 翁美玲

2010 An unknown lovestory by Rob

2010 June 27: TV-program Yung Mei Ling: A Memory That Never Fades" (翁美玲:一个永不褪色的记忆)

2011 april 6: The death of Yung Mei Ling by Dragon Television

2011 famous people who commited suicide

2011 television unexplained deaths

2011 remembrance show Legend of the condor

2011 TV show "appointment with Lu Yu" with Kent Tong

2011 Interview with Michael Miu: Letting go of the past, living in the present, and looking to the future (english)

2012 China Jilin TV

2012 may 14: 27th anniversary of Barbara's death

2012 newspapers and magazines

2012 May 17: Nanchang Radio broadcast " First love never dies" (南昌电台播出怀念翁美玲的文章《阿翁 我生命中的第一个糖人)

2012 Oktober 4: Stephen Chau "Weng Meiling's departure is the biggest blow".

2012 november China United Television

2012 TV actionnews media com Hong Kong

2012 TV btv

2012 TV documentairy CN TV

2012 TV remembrance after 27 years

2012 Untold secrets

2013 China BeiJing's TV: The Sadness and Sorrows Behind Yung's Suicide, 24 sept 2013, subtitled

2013 Classical legends

2013 Thinking and inference of Barbara's emotional state in Hong Kong (一些思考和推测:翁美玲在香港的情感状况)

2014 May 16: Weng Meiling is the most beautiful girl

2014 Apple next media

2014 Face magazine

2014 Generation Show

2014 Next plus HK

2014 August 14: Tv-program The secret behind the suicide of Weng Meiling (经典传奇 翁美玲自杀背后的秘密 痴情女人惹人怜)

2014 October 14: Kent Tong Won’t Attend Barbara Yung’s Memorial Services (english)

2014 November 18: Kent Tong talks about his relation with Barbara, article in English and video subtitled

2014 Radio interview with Kent Tong in which he confirms that he and Barbara had broken off their relationship, a few months prior to her suicide (parts translated in english).

2014 Yesky news site

2015 januari 24: The making of the Legend of the Condor heroes

2015 April 9: TV-broadcast The mystery of the fall of a Yung Meiling (巨星陨落之谜 翁美玲)

2015 may 26: interview Michael Miu

2015 October 18 and 28: Podcast Felix Wong

2015 November 8: actor Lau Dan talks about Yung Mei Ling

2016: Book The days we spent together (一起走過的日子)

2016 May 27: podcast journalist Xu Rongrong

2016 Interview Zheng Mingming talking about Barbara

2016 Oktober 13: Playboy Stephen Chau dated Weng Meiling

2016 October 27: CNTV broadcast documentary about Barbara Yung

2017 januari 17. Barbara's mother passed away.

2017 February 23: Barbara's mother funeral

2017 February 23: media publicity about Barbara's mother funeral

2017 April 18: Barbara mentioned as one of the eight Chinese stars who were gone too soon.

2017 April 18: Actor Liu Chun Hung talks about Barbara Yung (subtitled)

2017 May 10: Documentary; Why became the 1983 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" a classic?

2017 May 14: remembrance article South China Morning Post (SCMP)

2017 September: publicity about the relocation Barbara's tombstone

2017 October 15: Kent Tong, Michael Miu and talking about Barbara (subtitled)

2017 November 5: Actor Kenneth Tsang talking about Barbara

2018 June: Jin Jong heritage exposition

2018 Juli 23: Classic Legend Weng Meiling Suicide Mystery

2018 December 30: Talking about Stephen Chau -- was he Weng Meiling's lover?

2019 March: 60th Anniversary of Rosaryhill School

2019 May 7: celebration Barbara's 60th birthday

2019 May 12: Weng Meiling's 60-year-old birthday, the former ex-boyfriend of the Netherlands sent flowers to mourn (翁美玲60歲生忌 荷蘭前男友送花悼念).

2019 May 13: Weng Meiling Dutch former boyfriend offers card at 60-year-birthday (難忘翁美玲 荷蘭籍前男友獻卡悼60歲生忌)

2019 May 14: Remembrance articles Barbara in the media

2019 May 26: Weng Meiling died 34 years ago

2019 August 19: Remembrance article yidian-inc.com

2019 November 7: Actor Zeng Laozi remembers Barbara Yung

2019 December 4: D100 radio Hong Kong about Weng Meiling

2020 May 28: Felix Wong, after losing Weng Meiling 35 years ago now losing his beloved wife

2020 August 17: mpweekly.com, Weng Meiling, 26, who committed suicide

2020 September 18: actor Chun Wong remembers Weng Meiling

2021 March 10: Sina news "Why Weng Meiling ended her life"

2021 March 12: MP entertainment news "1985 Tang Zhenye appeared at Weng Meiling's funeral"

2021 March 13: Video Interview Kent Tong (今62歲近況讓人羡慕#湯鎮業​ #翁美玲​)

2021 May 7: Weng Meiling, before becoming Huang Rong (翁美玲,在成为黄蓉之前)

2021 May 10: video MingPaoWeekly "1985-5-14" (1985年5月14日 翁美玲 視頻)

2021 May 13: Weng Meiling's "history of fame" and "mystery of suicide", 翁美玲“成名史”,和“自杀之谜”

2021 May 14: video Hong Kong 01 (香港01), strong in appearance and fragile in heart

2021 June 6: Yung Meiling played the role of rich, unruly and capricious five times(翁美玲五次出演富贵刁蛮任性的角色)

2021 June 30: Article Hong Kong Wen Wei Po

2022 May 14: Nostalgia for Pretty Wong Yung by Fung Wai Kan (馮睎乾十三維度 - 懷念俏黃蓉... )

2022 September 27: TV-program "Starlight Gathers into Jade"

2022 September 28: TV-program "Starlight Gathers into Jade"

2022 September 30: Precious photos with Kent Tong shown.

2022 November 17: Macao Daily (Yung Meiling didn't want to leave, 其實翁美玲不想走)

2022 December 7: Sohu article, Yung Meiling suicide the secret behind it (翁美玲:自杀背后另藏秘密 )

2022 December 19: Yung Meiling's ex-boyfriend in the Netherlands recalls the past (翁美玲荷蘭前男友憶舊事 公開17歲入行前鮮為人知愛情故事)

2022 December 31: Yung Meiling's ex-boyfriend recalls the past (翁美玲荷蘭前男友憶舊事 公開)

2023 January 13: Michael Miu revealed that he secretly summoned Yung Meiling's soul (苗僑偉親爆 秘替翁美玲招魂) (Eastweek magazine and video)

2023 March 23: Netizens mourn Yung Mei Ling's "Challenge" during the broadcast (網民痛憶翁美玲《挑戰》播映期間為情輕生變遺作).

2023 May 16: Interview Kenneth Choi remembering Yung Mei Ling (translated)

2023 June 2: Interview with Liu Chun-Hung (translated): "Yung Mei Ling is very cute and a good person"



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